Our goal is to make a positive outlook and attitude cool. We believe we can help change the world through fashion because EVERYONE wears clothes and clothing is how many express themselves. Through expression comes conversation and through conversation comes thought and through thought comes CHANGE. You should be able to dress how you want without being stereotyped as having a set "mentality".  PEACE✌️GANG started out as just wanting to wear unique streetwear/hip hop styled clothing that promoted a positive message and not something "materialistic" or "trendy". The name PEACE✌️GANG simply means a group of people "gang" focused on bettering the planet they live on. Our tagline R U DOWN? means " R U DOWN with doing your part to make the world a better place"? 

That's as simple as smiling at someone you do not know or saying hello :)   PEACE✌️GANG is about doing YOUR part to try and make the world a better place. What is cooler than bettering the place you live for future generations? If you are worried what your friends are gonna think because you choose to use a cool head in a situation and not resort to immediate conflict then we prob ain't for you. But if you are the type that is a leader a trendsetter, someone who does not do things based on the opinion of others then we are def something you might f**k with. First and foremost PEACE✌️GANG is about promoting POSITIVITY, About being yourself. And about standing up for what you believe in. Clothing will not "change the world" But the people in it can start the conversations and BE THE CHANGE that will. 

When you choose to shop at peacegang a portion of your purchase total goes to a great charity of YOUR choice!